Wholesale Phulkari business in Punjab

If seen, wholesale business can be highly profitable. But there is no doubt that such a business requires a huge amount of investment. But in spite of that, all those interested people try more to start this kind of business and try to know how to start a wholesale business in Punjab. As we are aware that the main function of the wholesalers is to deliver the order to the retail store.

Then wholesalers that less consumers come and customers come more the responsibility of providing products to retail stores rest on the shoulders of wholesalers. we have a website called punnjab.com and our brand name is Rockstar. we sell all kinds of Phulkari Products at wholesale and retailing which phulkari suits, dupattas, bags and Punjabi jutti’s have all these products are available here. Our products are nominal price compares to others. If you need phulkari products at a reasonable rate, please visit at punnjab.com

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