Phulkari of Punjab

Phulkari embroidery started in the 15th century in Punjab. Phulkari is a method of embroidery, which is done by hand on dupattas, suits jackets, and lehengas. Phulkari is made up of flowers and work. Which means flower art? In the past phulkari was given to the bride by her mother as a gift at her wedding. Punjab’s contribution to Indian culture is not just about music but with beautiful colors. Famous Patiala salwar, suits, dupatta’s, and Punjabi jutti’s and Indian fashion without phulkari embroidery are common there. This phulkari embroidery was born in ancient India many years ago.

In which very skilled craftsmen made these hands-on clothes. Phulkari is made on many things like dupattas, Kurtis, bags, Punjabi jutti’s, and wedding jackets. The most unique thing in phulkari is that the design does not have to be lowered or print to make it. It is created with imagination and creativity. is one of the leading online shopping e-commerce portal from where you can buy exclusive dupattas. You can also buy all types of Phulkari suits, Dupattas, Sarees, Kurtis, Lehengas, and other essential women wear products.

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