Handmade Kota Doria Phulkari Dupattas

The handcraft Kota Doria dupattas are always in demand and it is because of the traditional hand-woven methods to produce gracefully phulkari patterns, appealing color combinations, and premium Resham Thread. Kota Doria dupattas base fabric is made on power looms in Surat and Varanasi and it is hand embroidered in Punjab to make exclusive hand-finished dupattas and dresses in a variety of ways.

This superb dupatta is a perfect companion of any suit, Anarkali, or any kurti pyjami set and it will add grace to your dress in this happy season. Built out of lightweight Kota Doria fabric, it has been cautiously embroidered with silk thread in pre-printed block tracings, which is a centuries-old embroidery method of Punjab.

This dupatta can be worn and it goes delightfully with a white outfit or can even be folded over as a light scarf. Every wearing style will add grace to your outfit on any occasion. So go on and get it for yourself and add that bit of elegance to your closet.

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Handmade Kota Doria Phulkari Dupattas

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