Designer Phulkari Suits and Dupattas

Colors are the most important component in a Phulkari dupatta and suits. If you check phulkari dupatta pictures, a handmade phulkari designer suits four different shades of coarse cotton as a base – red, white, blue, and black.

Today, you can find the most recent phulkari dupatta and suits patterns rushing in a fine cluster of shadings to take into account the flavor of the ones who wear it’s a beautiful design. More than the shade of fabric, it is the shade of the strings that are utilized in the listing that gives phulkari its particular character. Yellow, white, green, black, red, and orange were the different colors that were general used. Similarly, as with the fabric, the lining tones additionally went through a significant patch up to incorporate more colors because of which one has plenty of decisions to play with while doing phulkari embroidery. For more information about  phulkari hand made products please visit at

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